Uh. He was not the voice of shrek.

yeah he was

Are we gonna ignore the fact that he was supposedly 130 years old?

this man is dead how dare you


  • gay guys don’t have to be disgusted by vagina
  • lesbians don’t have nightmares after seeing cock
  • gay guys can appreaciate beautiful women
  • lesbians can appreciate handsome men
  • it doesn’t make them less gay
  • straight guys can appreciate handsome men
  • straight girls can appreciate beautiful women
  • it doesn’t make them less straight
  • asexuals can appreciate beautiful people, date, and even have sex
  • it doesnt make them less asexual


give me ace characters

give me characters who have a lot of sex, but still identify as ace

give me characters who explicitly identity as asexual in canon

give me sex-repulsed ace characters

give me ace characters who are romantic

give me aro/ace characters

give me aro characters who are sexual

give me characters who identify throughout the aro/ace spectrums

stay healthy and hydrated by sucking haruka nanase’s dick

Maisie Williams behind the scenes of her Teen Vogue photoshoot


when you have a lot of homework and not enough time




What’s the definition of a will?

Come on guys it’s a dead giveaway

you’ve deserved so much more than this.